GalaxIR By Meryodev 


    Fabian - 09/12/2011
Very nice game! Go on!
    Francois cacib - 08/05/2011
Great graphics!
    Manu - 07/18/2011
    Tito - 07/11/2011
What is different in gamemode? Normal? Retro? Oldschool? Pls explain andere make help page about game modes.
    Meryodev Team - 06/24/2011
This bug will be fix for the next release :) thanks for your mail
    peter - 06/24/2011
Playing on honeycomb. And i have no bar on the bottom of my screen. Are there more people with the same problem?
    Zlatko - 06/18/2011
A... OK. An email was send. Thanks. Great game.
    Zlatko - 06/18/2011
Bought by paypal, but no information how to download. Please help
    madmax916sps - 05/05/2011
Very Great Game, for me best version of the game. But a question, i payed with paypal ... where i get the game :D ?
    vakten - 03/28/2011
my favourite android game! but useless that you cant pay with textmessage.. and no tip how to win campaign, first mission you shall concouer planets; HEDDA, HARDING and (HALIFIX doesnt excist)
    Tribal - 03/26/2011
Come to play against me !
    Hek - 03/26/2011
The new website is fun
    Filou - 03/26/2011
Ce jeu est incroyable ! J'adore jouer en bluetooth avec ma soeur !
    Isokor - 03/26/2011
    Miky - 03/26/2011
I like this game !


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