GalaxIR By Meryodev 


    Fabian - 09/12/2011
Very nice game! Go on!
    Francois cacib - 08/05/2011
Great graphics!
    Manu - 07/18/2011
    Tito - 07/11/2011
What is different in gamemode? Normal? Retro? Oldschool? Pls explain andere make help page about game modes.
    Meryodev Team - 06/24/2011
This bug will be fix for the next release :) thanks for your mail
    peter - 06/24/2011
Playing on honeycomb. And i have no bar on the bottom of my screen. Are there more people with the same problem?
    Zlatko - 06/18/2011
A... OK. An email was send. Thanks. Great game.
    Zlatko - 06/18/2011
Bought by paypal, but no information how to download. Please help
    madmax916sps - 05/05/2011
Very Great Game, for me best version of the game. But a question, i payed with paypal ... where i get the game :D ?
    vakten - 03/28/2011
my favourite android game! but useless that you cant pay with textmessage.. and no tip how to win campaign, first mission you shall concouer planets; HEDDA, HARDING and (HALIFIX doesnt excist)
    Tribal - 03/26/2011
Come to play against me !
    Hek - 03/26/2011
The new website is fun
    Filou - 03/26/2011
Ce jeu est incroyable ! J'adore jouer en bluetooth avec ma soeur !
    Isokor - 03/26/2011
    Miky - 03/26/2011
I like this game !


GalaxIR gives you the possibility to play with other players all over the world. To do so, you have to go to the “Multiplayer” menu and to log in so that the other players will see your login when they’ll play against you.

Once logged in, you’ll come to the GalaxIR’s multiplayer server where you’ll find three tabs :

  • General: let you see the great tournament classification, participate to the tournament and see your personal statistics.
  • Arena: let you see the people connected and invite them to play against you.
  • Settings: let you configure the multiplayer game options, e.g. color of your opponents.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the multiplayer chat that allows connected people to talk to each other. To send a message to everybody, you just have to write your message in the textbox which is below on the screen. Then, press the button “Send” to send the message.

If you want to have the chat in full screen mode, double press the chat. Then, do the same action to get back in normal mode.


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