GalaxIR By Meryodev 


    Fabian - 09/12/2011
Very nice game! Go on!
    Francois cacib - 08/05/2011
Great graphics!
    Manu - 07/18/2011
    Tito - 07/11/2011
What is different in gamemode? Normal? Retro? Oldschool? Pls explain andere make help page about game modes.
    Meryodev Team - 06/24/2011
This bug will be fix for the next release :) thanks for your mail
    peter - 06/24/2011
Playing on honeycomb. And i have no bar on the bottom of my screen. Are there more people with the same problem?
    Zlatko - 06/18/2011
A... OK. An email was send. Thanks. Great game.
    Zlatko - 06/18/2011
Bought by paypal, but no information how to download. Please help
    madmax916sps - 05/05/2011
Very Great Game, for me best version of the game. But a question, i payed with paypal ... where i get the game :D ?
    vakten - 03/28/2011
my favourite android game! but useless that you cant pay with textmessage.. and no tip how to win campaign, first mission you shall concouer planets; HEDDA, HARDING and (HALIFIX doesnt excist)
    Tribal - 03/26/2011
Come to play against me !
    Hek - 03/26/2011
The new website is fun
    Filou - 03/26/2011
Ce jeu est incroyable ! J'adore jouer en bluetooth avec ma soeur !
    Isokor - 03/26/2011
    Miky - 03/26/2011
I like this game !

The Game

GalaxIR is an action, strategy and reflection game where you an intergalactic empire leader. To make sure that your empire stays alive, you have to protect your planets and conquer new ones to acquire new resources.

But in the galaxy, you are not alone and other empires are searching power and fame, so you’ll have to fight to protect yourself !


The actions

To conquer the galaxy, you have two kinds of actions:

  • Launch an attack
  • Launch a reinforcement

To launch an attack, you have to select one or more planets under your control (it is under your control if its color is the same as yours). Once the selection is done, make your finger slide from one of your selected planets to an opponent’s planet to attack.

Be careful! Release your finger ON a planet to attack.

You’ll then see your spaceships leaving your planet to attack your selected target. The number in the middle of the target planet represents its defense points. When a planet has no more defense points, it is conquered.

attaquer une planète

The reinforcement let you increase the defense points of one of your planets. To do so, you just have to select a planet and make your finger slide as if you were doing an attack, but the target has to be a planet under your control.

You’ll then see some spaceships going to the planet to reinforce and its defense points will increase regarding the number of spaceships sent.

Be careful! The spaceships that you are sending to do an attack or a reinforcement decrease the defense points of your source planet (where the spaceships have been produced).


Game rules

The aim of GalaxIR is to conquer the universe. To do so, you have to attack and steal your opponents’ planets. You can have one, two or three opponents.

A game is over when:

-you have lost all your planets and when you have no more ships doing an attack
-you have conquered all the enemies’ planets and they have no more ships doing an attack

Be careful! The grey planets are planets which belong to nobody.


The planets

In GalaxIR, the planets have the following characteristics: a color, a production rate and defense points.

  • The color of the planet represents the player who owns the planet.
  • The production rate indicates the number of ships produced by the planet in a minute.
  • The defense points represent the number of ships that can be sent to attack another planet or the number of spaceships used to resist to an attack.

The planets are the main element of the game. The more you own planets, the more you have chance to win.


The spaceships

The spaceships are produced by the planets. A defense unit of a planet corresponds to a spaceship. A spaceship is characterized by:

  • A strike force corresponding to the number of defense points that the spaceship retrieves to an opponent planet during an attack.
  • A speed.

Important! You can indicate the maximum number of spaceships to send for an attack or for a reinforcement by using the bar below on the screen.


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